Installing WordPress onto SiteGround – Step by step instructions

The following are step by step instructions for installing WordPress onto SiteGround. If you experience confusion or frustration at any point, don’t worry, there are more people out there like you.

Also, there is a much easier way of doing this automatically, but what good is learning that right from the start.

Step 1 – Downloading WordPress:

Go to (NOT because that is something different) and download by clicking that blue button that says “Download WordPress”

Step 2 – Uploading WP to the server:

Using the Transmit FTP program (Cyberduck and other FTP programs will work as well) upload the WordPress folder to your website by placing the files in the public_html folder. IMPORTANT: do not upload the folder called WordPress, just everything inside of it, otherwise your website will be “”

Step 3 – Making a database in SiteGround:

Log into SiteGround ( and click on the cPanel button. In the search box type in MySQL and click on the icon that matches.

Enter the name you want to use into the “New Database” field and click on the Create Database button.

Then add a new user to the database in MySQL Users.

Get a password from and make sure to write it down.

Add that user to the database you’ve created and give them all privileges.

Step 4 – Log into your WordPress site

You can now log into your WordPress site by putting in your url with the extension /wp-admin


From there, follow the instructions for creating a username and password.


If at any point you were confused by this process, don’t worry, because pretty soon you will be able to hire me to do this for you.


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  • Nice work so far. I would also include setting up a domain as well. Otherwise, I like how succinct and simple you explained everything. Also, where possible, you should add in some to make them “clickable”.

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